(2018/2/28)Colloquium on "Intelligent Surveillance System using CV technology"

投稿日: Jan 15, 2018 6:2:15 AM

Organizer: Professor Nobutaka Shimada

We are very happy to have a colloquium entitled “Intelligent Surveillance System using CV technology”.

This is the fourth colloquium of the R-GIRO project.

Anybody who is interested in the talk can attend the lecture.

Date & time: 10:40-12:10, Wednesday, 28th, February 2018

Place: CC206, Creation Core, BKC, Ritsumeikan University

(Campus map)


(No.16 is ”Creation Core”)

Language: English (maybe partially Japanese)

[1st talk]

Title: Intelligent Surveillance System using CV technology

Speaker: Prof. Kang-Hyun Jo

University of Ulsan, Korea


In the lecture, I briefly address the general current CV related topics in the ISLab(UOU) including self-introduction.

Then I focus on the Intelligent Surveillance System (ISS) we had developed and also spotlighted on the key issues

which are relevant in the general ISS especially into real societal implementation.

Later if the time allowable, other issues which are taken into account nowadays for example behavior based human

identification or affordance-based human behavior expectation problems, etc will be discussed.