(2017/11/02) Colloquium on ”Voice-enabled interface for interactive robots”

Organizer: Professor Takanobu Nishiura

We are very happy to have a colloquium entitled ”Voice-enabled interface for interactive robots”.

This is the second colloquium of the R-GIRO project.

Anybody who is interested in the talk can attend the lecture.

Date & time: 15:00-17:00, Thursday, 2nd, November 2017

Place: CC206, Creation Core, BKC, Ritsumeikan University

(Campus map) http://www.ritsumei.ac.jp/eng/common/data/bkc-campusmap2013.pdf (no.16 is Creation Core)

Language: Japanese (maybe partially English)

[1st talk]

Title: Spoken dialogue system for enabling various information behavior and

its element technologies


Speaker: Tetsuji Ogawa(Associate Professor, Waseda University)

[2nd talk]

Title: The current state and issues of spoken dialog system for autonomous service robot


Speaker: Motoyuki Suzuki (Professor, Osaka Institute of Technology )