(2017/12/07) Colloquium on "Driving Act Analysis"

Organizer: Professor Takanori Fukao

We are very happy to have a colloquium entitled ”Driving Act Analysis”.

This is the third colloquium of the R-GIRO project.

Anybody who is interested in the talk can attend the lecture.

Date & time: 15:30-17:30, Thursday, 7th, December 2017

Place: CC206, Creation Core, BKC, Ritsumeikan University

(Campus map)


(No.16 is ”Creation Core”)

Language: Japanese (maybe partially English)

[1st talk]

Title: Driving Act Analysis using the Mathematical Model

Speaker: Professor Kazushi Ikeda (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)

[2nd talk]

Title: Driving Act Analysis based on Psychological Model

Speaker: Mr.Yuki Okafuji (Kobe University / Ritsumeikan University, Doctoral Student )